Hi, I'm Precious.

I'm a self-taught artist specializing in pencil and watercolor art. I'm originally from Savannah, Georgia, but I currently reside in the Baltimore, Maryland suburbs with my amazingly supportive husband of 14 years, our two boys whom we homeschool together, and our family's two guinea pigs.

As a child and teenager, art played a huge role in my everyday life. I was constantly drawing and creating and was always the kid in school that went above and beyond for school projects. Seriously, I was always doing the most!

During my college and young adult years, my passion for visual art diminished. I spent the next several years studying vocal music at Armstrong State University, Business Management at Savannah State University, and spending close to a decade in the hospitality industry. In 2009, my husband and I were married. In that same year, I also left the workforce to birth and care for our first child. Shortly afterwards in 2010, I was diagnosed with a retinal detachment and the impending threat of blindness. For the next few years, I'd endure many surgeries, procedures, recovery periods and follow-ups. Thankfully, in the end, my vision was spared.

Even after all that, it wasn't until 2019 that I picked up a pencil and really started drawing again, mainly as a way to relieve stress and "find myself" after being a housewife and stay-at-home mother for so long. Shortly after I started back up, I began drawing pencil portraits for family and friends. In 2020, during the pandemic, I decided to try my hand at watercolor painting and instantly fell in love! Now, I draw and paint passionately; realizing that I truly was given a second chance to not only see all of the beauty this world has to offer, but also to create some of my own.

My Inspiration & Art

Colorful. Afro-Centric. Created with Love. These are the top three words/phrases I use to describe my art and how I want it to translate to the viewer. Anyone who's black knows that with our rhythm also comes blues. Being in our skin isn't always easy, but most of us wouldn't even dream of giving up all this melanin!

In my humble opinion, being black is like being a walking masterpiece. Our array of skin tones from light to dark, hair that grows to the sky, thick lips, and broad noses are pure inspiration to me. I emphasize these features as a way of celebrating the striking uniqueness and otherworldly beauty of a people that mainstream society doesn’t always acknowledge as beautiful.

My art is fun, quirky, light-hearted, whimsical, and vibrant. It is meant to highlight the beauty in “blackness” and the black experience and inspire happiness, comfort, laughter, and all those warm and fuzzy feelings.

More About Me

I'm a dedicated wife, a homeschooling parent, and autism advocate. I'm also a "plant mama" to an excessive amount of houseplants (don't judge!). My absolute favorite plant is an eight foot tall Bird of Paradise that I call "Big Mama" after my late great-grandmother. I also enjoy gardening, hiking, perfecting my cooking skills (I make a mean curry goat), traveling with my family or as a couple with my hubby, telling corny jokes, and above all else, being someone on which my family and friends can always depend.

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