Born in 1984 and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Precious Jefferson has always been deeply connected to art. Although she briefly set aside her passion during college and early adulthood, a renewed creative spark emerged in 2019 when she began sketching pencil portraits for family and friends, rediscovering her love for capturing the essence of faces. In 2020, she embraced watercolor painting, infusing vibrance and unpredictability into her creations.

Through her art, Precious challenges historical criticisms of Afro-centric beauty. Her whimsical portraits feature colorful, quirky subjects with a focus on big hair and exaggerated features. She uses her playful art to honor black culture and encourage appreciation for people of color.

Currently residing in Perry Hall, Maryland, with her husband Eric, their two sons, and a collection of about 50 houseplants, Precious continues to express her artistic passion and cultural celebration through her vibrant and unique creations.